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When you contact Positive Outlook Counseling, we’ll ask you some questions about yourself, what’s bringing you in to therapy, your schedule, your therapist preferences – and a few other things-to best assess your needs. We want to find the perfect fit for You! With our comprehensive and complementary specialties, flexible scheduling options, multiple training levels, and wide range of fees, we feel certain there is a perfect Positive Outlook Counselor for you. Optimal client care is our primary concern.

We do not accept insurance; we have decided to be an out-of-network provider, in order for you to remain in control of your wellness process and to keep your confidentiality safe. All insurance companies require a diagnosis (this becomes part of your PERMANENT health record and can hinder you getting employment or health insurance or any government job) and may limit your therapy to a certain time period or amount of sessions. We feel that you are unique and don’t feel that everyone needs a diagnosis that will be placed in your permanent medical records.

Marci Stiles, MA, LPC-S – $225

Specialties: Premarital Counseling & Education, Marital / Couples Counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Self-Esteem, Life Coaching, Women’s Issues, Family Counseling and much more

Marci is the founder and owner of Positive Outlook Counseling and has been in practice for over 15 years.

Michael Ferraro, MS, LPC, LMFT, LCDC – $175

Specialties: Adult Individuals, Marriage Counseling, Couple Conflict, Family Discord, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use Disorders, Co-occurring Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, LGBT Issues Including Same Sex Couples and Transgender Individuals, PTSD, Military Veterans and Families, Young Adults in Transition, Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 (Asperger Syndrome), Career and Workplace Problems and Men’s Issues.

Ann Marie Hagy, MS, LPC – $150

Specialties: Adolescent, Adults, AD/HD, Depression, Families, Personality disorders, Grief and Trauma

Nancy Solls, MS, LPC Intern – $120

Supervised by Marci B. Stiles, MA, LPC-S

Specialties: Adults, Anxiety, Adjustment, Aging, Career/Workplace Issues, Couples, Coping Skills, Depression, Grief, Late Life Issues, Parenting and Women’s Issues

Jamie Potter, MS, LPC-Intern, EMDR-$120

Supervised by Marci B. Stiles, MA, LPC-S

Specialties:  EMDR and DBT trained therapist specializing in trauma, abuse, sexual violence, dissociation, dissociative disorders, shame, bullying, depression, anxiety, LGBT, transgender and adoption.

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“My mission is for us to help you become the BEST you that you can be!”

-Marci B. Stiles, MA, LPC-S, Founder and Owner

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