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Interview with Dallas LPC counselor sharing insights
on couples counseling

Dallas couples counseling therapist, Marci Stiles, explains the importance of learning to communicate in a relationship.

Q: As a therapist involved in couples counseling here in Dallas, what do you see most couples struggling with?

A: No two couples have the same issues. But underneath it all, you generally find poor communication as the culprit.

Q: In your Dallas couples therapy, how do you improve a couple’s communication?

A: It’s funny. When a couple is courting they feel they can read each other’s thoughts, then they get
married and the next thing they know they aren’t communicating. If there is a problem in the bedroom or a wife feels lonely in the marriage, they don’t know how to constructively discuss it. In couples counseling,I give couples the tools they need to communicate. To listen and to resolve their issues.

Q: As a therapist with as much experience as you have, you’ve obviously touched a lot of lives.

A: I do couples counseling because I like helping people. But the results don’t come from what I do, it comes from what they are willing to do. At the end of the day, the biggest contribution I can make is to help you become a better you.

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“Marci saved our marriage.  Plain and Simple.  We came to her and were both so stubburn-just sure that we were each “in the right”  She made us see that right/wrong dont necessarily make for a winning relationship.  She was in our faces and never let us quit.  She was relentless with homework and date nights.  But it worked.  We are stronger and more loving than ever.  And we have been married for a very long time.”

In love again in HP

“We came to Marci when it seemed as though our world was falling apart…we were not even sleeping in the same room. She gave us the tools to communicate better and to get the love back in our relationship. We have been back 2 or 3 times over the years to refresh our marriage and to get it back on track. We have recommended Marci to several of our couple friends. She is truly talented and truly cares!”

C. & L. – Dallas, TX

“We were in a relatively new relationship (under 2 years). We both decided that rather than split up, we decided to give therapy one last try. We went to see Marci and right from the start things started getting better. She gave us hope and help. She had some very refreshing ideas and didn’t just sit through each session like a bump on a log (we had gone to many therapists who did just that) – she interacted. She gave us homework, had us read books and had us really participate in our own healing.”

M. & J. – Dallas, TX


“Marci has helped me on and off for the past 5 years. She is truly a breath of fresh air. She has great ideas and really knows her stuff and knows how to listen! Thanks for being a big part of my life!”

Anonymous – Dallas, TX