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Interview with Dallas LPC counselor sharing insights on couples counseling

Q: As a therapist involved in couples counseling here in Dallas, what do you see most couples struggling with?
A: No two couples have the same issues. But underneath it all, you generally find poor communication as the culprit.

Q: In your Dallas couples therapy, how do you improve a couple’s communication?
A: It’s funny. When a couple is courting they feel they can read each other’s thoughts, then they get married and the next thing they know they aren’t communicating. If there is a problem in the bedroom or a wife feels lonely in the marriage, they don’t know how to constructively discuss it. In couples counseling,I give couples the tools they need to communicate. To listen and to resolve their issues.

Q: As a therapist with as much experience as you have, you’ve obviously touched a lot of lives.
A: I do couples counseling because I like helping people. But the results don’t come from what I do, it comes from what they are willing to do. At the end of the day, the biggest contribution I can make is to help you become a better you.

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