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Child and Teen Therapists Experienced in Child and Teen Depression Counseling

Adolescent Counseling DallasOur childand teen counseling Dallas therapists have dealt with a variety of childhood issues. From acting out to child depression counseling. Our child counseling Dallas office is here to help your family better understand your child’s issues and receive the critical insights that will help you be a more effective parent. Our child depression counseling can unlock a young child’s inner conflicts, sibling issues and abuse recovery. Our child counseling Dallas therapists will tenderly get to know your child and build their trust. Once our child therapists have earned the child’s trust, we will explore their feelings and fears. From there we will involve other family members to better understand the family dynamic. After that, it is simply a matter of equipping every one with the tools they need for improved communication, conflict resolution and constructive distraction techiques. Child depression counseling can dramatically reorient the arc of a child’s life. If your child is acting out, displaying anti-social behavior, being constantly negative or crying excessively, contact our child therapists as early as possible. Working with children and teens can be challenging work but we believe it can be among the most rewarding as they learn to cope with the everyday pressures of life and function in their families in a healthy manner.

Our child counseling Dallas therapists can help your child if they are exhibiting the following behaviors:

  • Acting out
  • Experiencing or showing signs of depression
  • Under performing in school
  • Displaying aberrant behavior
  • Challenging authority figures
  • Withdrawing from family and/or friends
  • Associating with the “wrong” crowd
  • Displaying drastic changes in weight/grooming
  • Experimenting with drugs, liquor or sex
“Marci has worked wonders with our teenager.  He was severely depressed, failing out of school and smoking pot.   After working with Marci for only a few sessions the transformation was astounding. He is a completely different person. He is engaged in life, excited about the future, talking more to us and engaging in positive hobbies.  The whole family is thriving and we all seem to be on the same page.”
Park Cities, Texas

“Marci helped us to get our teenage daughter back on a great track.  She started out an A student with lots of great friends and lots of safe healthy activities.  Somewhere she made a wrong turn and started using drugs, hanging out with the “wrong crowd” , skipping school and running away from home.  Marci got through to her and turned her around.  She worked with us as a team (parents and siblings).  She never gave up hope-even when we did.   Thank you so much Marci.”

J & V – Dallas