Conquering Anxiety Through Mindfulness

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By Jasmine Gonzalez, M.S., NCC, LPC-Intern

“It is in the uncomfortable places where we grow.” I can still hear the voice of my yoga instructor and one of my dearest friends echoing throughout the room one evening during class. I remember thinking to myself:  In such a cerebral world, where our thoughts wander aimlessly back and forth from the sorrows of the past to the worries of the future, what in the WORLD could be more uncomfortable than remaining in the present moment?

How can mindfulness help with anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common disorders diagnosed in the United States roughly affecting 40 million adults in the U.S. Anxiety results from natural responses, but like all things, it can become debilitating in excess.

So, what is mindfulness and how can it help? In short, mindfulness is the act of being fully engaged in the present moment. Leading expert in the field Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is credited

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A Dallas Marriage Counselor’s Advice for Brand Advertisers

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By:  Marci Stiles, MA, LPC-S

The media frequently compare our conflicted America to a dysfunctional couple on the edge of divorce. But as a marriage counselor, I can say with confidence: I’ve seen worse.

Admittedly, our divided country is like many of the couples I work with. Neither side wants to bend.  Neither wants to hear the other’s side. Both think the other is impossible to live with. Both fear opening up, being vulnerable and losing themselves to the other if they give in even an inch.

Recently I was a part of a research project with ad agency Grey New York to understand the culture and meaning of togetherness, and how that applies to brands which are wondering whether they can make things better. Because as I understand, brands are asking themselves if they should try to play a role in bringing people together – and what that might entail. For the research, we set up

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Do you know how to spot a possible addiction?

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If you’re concerned that you or someone you know has an addiction, it can be difficult to know for sure.  There is an assessment that can be helpful to make this determination.  It’s relevant to both substance and behavioral addictions. Just apply the three C’s:


Craving – the person has an intense, abnormal need to use their substance of choice or conduct the unhealthy behavior.  It’s as if the person cannot do without it.


Compulsion – the person has an irresistible, repetitive urge to use or behave, especially against one’s wishes.  The person is not in control and cannot resist.


Continued use despite the negative consequences –  addiction has many serious negative consequences. It can cause loss of job, broken relationships, financial distress, and legal problems.  The person continues to use or behave despite these negative consequences.


If you suspect an addiction is present, it’s critical that help is received as soon as possible.  Contact an addiction specialist

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Heading to Therapy for the First Time? Commonly Asked Questions Answered

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Maybe your marriage isn’t quite where you feel like it should be. Perhaps you are struggling with a new transition in your life. Or it could be that you are dealing with depression or anxiety.

Regardless of the specifics, counseling can beneficial for a number of things you are going through. You will be more at ease coming in for the first time if you know what to expect.

Here are 5 commonly asked questions for people coming in for their first session at Positive Outlook Counseling and the answers:

1. Do you take my insurance and if not, how much is it?

This question is easily the most asked. At Positive Outlook Counseling, we have decided to be an out-of-network provider, in order for you to remain in control of your wellness process and to keep your confidentiality safe.  All insurance companies require a diagnosis (this becomes part of your PERMANENT health record and can hinder you getting employment

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