Dealing with Social Anxiety

Dealing with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Counseling – Will Make A Difference

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is more than simply feeling shy or timid. It is a socially debilitating anxiety that can cripple your social life, even your career. If you avoid meeting new people, talking on the phone or speaking up in meetings you may suffer from social anxiety disorder. Our licensed therapists have helped many clients who struggle with this anxiety through our social anxiety counseling. We will probe these feelings of social anxiety and offer individualized social anxiety counseling. Treating social anxiety is a combination of compassionate social anxiety therapy and pragmatic techniques.

Here is a helpful checklist of social anxiety symptoms. Do you find it difficult to:

  • Speak in public
  • Work while someone watches you
  • Talk on the telephone
  • Socialize at parties
  • Participate in small group discussions
  • Eat in public
  • Meet new people
  • Date
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Experience profuse sweating, feelings of nausea, trembling when in a public situation

Don’t live with social anxiety a moment longer. Our counseling will put you at ease and equip you with the tools you need to function more effectively.

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