Depression Counseling

Effective Depression Therapy / Depression Treatment

Depression counseling Our depression counseling can assist you in lifting the dark clouds of depression you may be experiencing. If you cry yourself to sleep or if every waking moment feels like it will suffocate you, depression counseling could turn your life around. Depression rips away life from both the inflicted, and those closest to those in need of depression therapy. What many people don’t realize is that clinical depression is a very treatable condition. Seeking depression treatment early is always advisable. But even if you have suffered from depression for years, depression counseling can help you to cope with problems and live a happier, healthier life. Clinical studies conducted over recent years indicate that depression therapy can be very effective in helping individuals manage or totally eliminate their depression.

The following questions cannot confirm whether you have depression or are a candidate for depression therapy. However, if you answer “yes” to more than three of the items below, you might be experiencing some form of depression and could benefit from depression treatment.

  • Are you annoyed by things that never used to bother you?
  • Are you experiencing an increase in physical aches or pains?
  • Are you having trouble falling asleep; or waking up early, unable to fall back asleep?
  • Do you feel down most of the day, most days?
  • Has your appetite or weight recently changed?
  • Are you having any problems concentrating?
  • Do simple daily tasks seem to take a large effort to complete?
  • Does the future seem dark or unpleasant?
  • Do you feel alone, or have you been withdrawing from others?
  • Have your hobbies or pastimes become not pleasurable?

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